4 abandoned kittens

On July 19, someone abandoned a box with 4 kittens in it at the doors of a vet clinic in Sterlitamak, Russia. To avoid euthanasia, one of Volunteers, Svetlana Pankova, immediately went to the clinic and took the box.

There were 4 kittens, 3 black and 1 grey. They were very young and had barely opened their eyes. All of them were completely healthy. They were taken to an adoption event the same day when they were almost killed; one of the kittens (grey) was adopted. The smallest one of 4 was taken to a foster care to be nursed by a surrogate cat.

Svetlana Pankova took the other 2, to bottle feed them until they are grown enough to eat on their own.

The box with kittens
This lucky one found her new owners at the adoption event
Feeding time
2 kittens at foster care

July 24: Kittens eat well and are looked after by Svetlana Pankova:


Their temporary home and the bottle



Received donation of pee pads for the kittens

The kittens are growing healthy and will be up for adoption soon. They need more pee pads and special food mix for their feeding time from the bottle.

Please donate to help these kittens grow strong!

Thank you!

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Beta was found abandoned in the woods, tied to a tree by her previous owners (as we found out later). She is 8 years old. Beta was in a very bad shape. You can read her story here.

Beta went through a treatment and a surgery. She is back in normal weight and health. Beta is up for adoption and looking for her new parents!

Here is Beta when she was found:

pitbul1  beta18 beta19 beta15 beta13 beta12

Beta now:

beta9 beta8 beta6 beta7 beta5 beta4 beta3 beta2 beta1

Beta has been through betrayal and hard treatment. She is a lovely girl who like everyone and everything. She loves kids, animals and anyone who gives her love and kisses.

It is a truly wonderful story of recovery.  Beta is at the APAC shelter in Tolyatti Russia and waiting for her new parents.


We have an update about Daisy. She is well now and waiting for her forever home.

Her story is the usual one – her previous owner did not want her any longer and she ended up on the street.  She was found on the side of a street in May dying (there is a post about her earlier). She could not move and stayed outside for a few days before a rescue group could find a foster care for her.

She was probably hit by a car, she had bone fracture and could not walk. Daisy got better thanks to her foster and treatment.  Look at the difference a kittle love does!


52 51


12 11 10 9 8 7

Isn’t Daisy full of happiness and love?! She is 2 years old,  doing well with other animals, good on walks, with kids and strangers. She just wants to be loved! Daisy likes to talk, does not bark or squeal, just talks, you have to hear it! She is very obedient, she would never walk in front or pull you, Daisy waits until you let her go for a walk with you.
Daisy is looking for her forever home!



Newborn puppies tossed in a trash can

Human beings will never seize to shock with their inhumanity! Why is it okey to toss 10 newborn puppies like a trash?

Early in the morning a woman saw a man with a box approaching the dumpster right before the trash pick up truck arrived. She went to look and saw 10 newborn puppies, one of them was injured because that man was picking the puppies up with tongs and throwing them into the dumpster.

ACAP shelter is looking for volunteers to nurse the puppies.




Wounded puppy

A fundraiser has been launched to save the puppies.

Please donate!

Thank you!

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A few days of rescue – SV group

SV group rescues daily a lot of animals.  All of them have differed stories before and after rescue, some of them do not survive, unfortunately.

For the past few days the Volunteers have rescued 3 cat families (cats with newborn kittens), kittens of different ages and puppies.

Please see the pictures below with individual stories:

This orange kitten was rescued 2 days after it fell into the basement of an apartment building.  The kitten was with his cat-mother on the street and fell into the only narrow opening of the basement. It is now in foster care being treated for Feline Herpes Virus.



He was almost eaten by flees





SV group coordinator got a call from a vet clinic with a cry for help. Someone brought a cat a her newborn kittens to be put to sleep.  The cat family was taken by the coordinator to be fostered at her apartment where she already has over 30 animals.

mama3 mama5a mama5 mama4


Another cat family was rescued from the attic of an apartment building. Now it is in a foster care of one of the Volunteers who is already fostering  a lot of rescued homeless animals.

mamasha2 mamasha1


This cat had to give birth right on the cold asphalt.  A young woman saw them and called the Volunteers. Now the cat family is in foster care.

mama1 mama2


This kitten is only one or two-day old, was found near a supermarket by itself crying and very cold.  It was taken to the cat family above. This kitten is much smaller than the same age kittens rescued earlier that day with their mother.  The cat mother has taken the kitten in as her own.  Now we hope that he will survive.

On the left is the kitten found today. Compare it to the kitten the same age found with his mommy.

odin1 odin2


This cat family was found in a park. They are very beautiful and it looks like they were recently abandoned.

mal3 mal2 mal1


This kitten and 2 more were found abandoned in the woods.




This pretty kitten was rescued from the young children who were kicking it.  A young Volunteer saw it and rescued the kitten, now the kitten is being looked after by the Volunteers who are looking for his adopters.


dvor3 dvor2 dvor1


This young  Russian Blue was found abandoned on the street today. Now in foster care.


podkidish2 podkidish1


This poor kitten was rescued today. He has a Feline Herpes Virus, now being treated in foster care.


calc4 calc3 calc2 calc1


These puppies were found living near one of the warehouses. The Volunteers are trying to find their new homes.


baza2 baza3 baza4daza1


This little one was found on the street at 6 am. It was abandoned and cried all morning outside of one of the apartment buildings.  Now in foster care.




These brother and sister were brought by a woman to an adoption event and abandoned right in front of the Volunteers’ stand.  Now they are in good loving hands and looking for their forever homes.





This is just a result of a few days in life of SV group. The Volunteers try to save as many animals as they can, unfortunately not all survive  or get help on time.  SV group provides foster and medical care for abandoned, sick and injured animals.

The Volunteers need any help possible. Let’s help them at least financially to buy food and medication for the animals!

Please donate at least $5, it will go a long way!

Thank you!

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Adoption Event #186 SV Group

Sterlitamak Volunteers group had 186th adoption event on July 9th. As a result of standing from 11 am to 3.30 pm under the sun in a hot weather, the Volunteers adopted out 9 kittens from different fosters.

The dedication of these people is admirable. All of them have families and their own problems, but they invest their time and hard work in saving animals!

One of the volunteers lives outside from Sterlitamak and she has to take a bus at 7am (with her foster animals) to get to the adoption events at 11 am!!! Isn’t that a true dedication?!












Note: The group adopts out previously cured animals which have been picked up from the streets. All of the animals have a note from the vet of clean bill of health at the moment of the adoption.  All adoptions are free of charge and people can donate anything they want (food, money, toys for animals and etc).

Most of the times, random people bring found animals to these adoption events and tell the Volunteers to take them in (usually in a demanding way).  The Volunteers foster over 200 animals, and fosters are not easy to find. The animals that were not so lucky to find their foster homes are being looked after in the places where they live by an assigned Volunteer who feeds and brings water to the animals daily. Also, the Volunteers provide medical care if needed. All this done by people with huge hearts and true love for animals. 

Adoption Event #184 SV group

Today Sterlitamak Volunteers had 184th adoption event. These events take place at a local market. Volunteers who foster homeless animals bring their healthy cats and dogs to be adopted out.  All animals have a certificate from the vet that they have been treated and are absolutely healthy at the time of the adoption event.

Volunteers take as many animals from the streets of their town as possible. Often they are very sick with viruses, broken limbs, jaws and and spines. The volunteers foster them in their own apartments taking care of the animals and bringing them back to life.  The goal of this group is to help animals and find their forever homes. They do what their government is not doing.

Today 7 kittens and one puppy found their new homes!

ak5 ak4 ak3 ak2 ak1