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Name change – SV became BAGIRA

The SV group had to change its name to BAGIRA Sterlitamak. The decision was made due to constant pressure from the public of the city who assumed that if the group is called “Volunteers” they would have to take in and save all the animals in the city.

The group is still all volunteer based. The logo was changed to accommodate the name change:


Please donate towards this group, anything will go a long way.

Thank you!

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BAGIRA  is an organization that exists and works directly off of the donations received from general public. All Volunteers and organizers of this group are working as unpaid volunteers and all proceeds go to cover the cost of medications, transportation, food and surgeries. 


Vita – the puppy from our profile picture, her story


A few months ago someone witnessed how a puppy was run over by a car on purpose!  The puppy had open wound on her hind leg.


A compassionate person who saw the puppy crying contacted the APAC shelter asking to take the puppy in. She was a stray and nobody knew anything about her, so she was called Vita (means “life” in Latin).

A few hours later Vita was in surgery for amputation of the injured leg, vets could not save the leg and decided on the amputation.

Vita after the surgery

Vita now is a gown puppy and she learnt how to walk and run on her 3 legs. She is a happy, easy going girl, in need of her forever home.

Look at her:




Vita loves people and everything around her! She is full of life and has not given up on people and finding a new home.

Please share her story to help her find a new home!

Thank you!



Adopted – Daisy, an injured dog

Daisy has been adopted!!!

It has been 2 weeks since Daisy is at her new place. She has an enclosure, a new cat-friend and a lot of farm animals around.

The new owners are happy with her and Daisy still “talks” funny.

Please see her story below:

Her story is the usual one – her previous owner did not want her any longer and she ended up on the street.  She was found on the side of a street in May dying (there is a post about her earlier). She could not move and stayed outside for a few days before a rescue group could find a foster care for her.

She was probably hit by a car, she had bone fracture and could not walk. Daisy got better thanks to her foster and treatment.  Look at the difference a kittle love does!







Daisy likes to talk, does not bark or squeal, just talks, you have to hear it! She is very obedient, she would never walk in front or pull you, Daisy waits until you let her go for a walk with you.

We are happy for Daisy!

Adoption Event #186 SV Group

Sterlitamak Volunteers group had 186th adoption event on July 9th. As a result of standing from 11 am to 3.30 pm under the sun in a hot weather, the Volunteers adopted out 9 kittens from different fosters.

The dedication of these people is admirable. All of them have families and their own problems, but they invest their time and hard work in saving animals!

One of the volunteers lives outside from Sterlitamak and she has to take a bus at 7am (with her foster animals) to get to the adoption events at 11 am!!! Isn’t that a true dedication?!












Note: The group adopts out previously cured animals which have been picked up from the streets. All of the animals have a note from the vet of clean bill of health at the moment of the adoption.  All adoptions are free of charge and people can donate anything they want (food, money, toys for animals and etc).

Most of the times, random people bring found animals to these adoption events and tell the Volunteers to take them in (usually in a demanding way).  The Volunteers foster over 200 animals, and fosters are not easy to find. The animals that were not so lucky to find their foster homes are being looked after in the places where they live by an assigned Volunteer who feeds and brings water to the animals daily. Also, the Volunteers provide medical care if needed. All this done by people with huge hearts and true love for animals.