4 abandoned kittens

On July 19, someone abandoned a box with 4 kittens in it at the doors of a vet clinic in Sterlitamak, Russia. To avoid euthanasia, one of Volunteers, Svetlana Pankova, immediately went to the clinic and took the box.

There were 4 kittens, 3 black and 1 grey. They were very young and had barely opened their eyes. All of them were completely healthy. They were taken to an adoption event the same day when they were almost killed; one of the kittens (grey) was adopted. The smallest one of 4 was taken to a foster care to be nursed by a surrogate cat.

Svetlana Pankova took the other 2, to bottle feed them until they are grown enough to eat on their own.

The box with kittens
This lucky one found her new owners at the adoption event
Feeding time
2 kittens at foster care

July 24: Kittens eat well and are looked after by Svetlana Pankova:


Their temporary home and the bottle



Received donation of pee pads for the kittens

The kittens are growing healthy and will be up for adoption soon. They need more pee pads and special food mix for their feeding time from the bottle.

Please donate to help these kittens grow strong!

Thank you!

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