BAGIRA Sterlitamak



We take animals from the streets,

We provide medical care and neuter/ spay animals,

We relocate and find new homes for them.

 All the above is done by regular people, like YOU! We do it because our government won’t. We do not receive any financial help from the government and do it on our own with the support and donations from kind people, like YOU!

We are receiving requests to help homeless animals from all corners of our town every single day. The streets of our town are crowded with sick homeless animals. Usually we get animals with common diseases such as lichen planus, mange, calicivirus, herpes and almost everyone has intestinal/stomach problems and diarrhea. In worse cases, we rescue animals that were hit by cars, severely abused and fallen from high-rise buildings.

Unfortunately, we are not able to help every single one of them because of lack of financial support and manpower. However, we keep saving as many as we possibly can at this moment.

Our rescued animals are being adopted out on the condition of a free spay and neuter. The money for these surgeries are taken from our raised funds. We rely heavily on social networking websites, adoption events and word of mouth to raise money, find adopters, ex-owners and lost pets.

If you want to help homeless and sick animals JUST DO IT! Please join us in the fight for rescuing homeless animals in need!

Here is the price list of veterinary services we use for our rescued animals:

    Neuter/spay surgery for puppies – 1000 rubles = $30
    Neuter/spay surgery for older dogs – 2000 rubles = $60
    Neuter/spay surgery for cats – 500-850 rubles =$15-$25
    Surgery on fractured bones starts at 2000 ruble = $60
    X-ray  – 200 rubles = $6
    Treatment for Calicivirus – 700 rubles = $21

As you can see from the list above each dollar counts and it would go a long way! Please help save lives!

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