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Rescued puppies

BAGIRA volunteers found 5 puppies in a plastic bag in the middle of a road on  February 28, 2016. They were a few days old.


4 boys and 1 girl.  Lisa, one of the volunteers, took 4 puppies (all of the boys) and the only girl was adopted right away.

The puppies were in great hands. Here are some pictures:

first day
2 months later

puppiess puppiesss puppiessss

All puppies  found their homes.

Puppies playing at their foster care


At home:
bublik malish puppiesssss shoki1

All that was possible thanks to the Volunteers at BAGIRA animal rescue and people who always support them.

Please be one of them by helping an animal in need!

Thank you!

Rescued puppies

SV group received a call from their vet who informed them about puppies living next to a river trash pile. The river there is deep and moves fast. The puppies were crying and hiding in nettle bushes.

The river bank where puppies were hiding is too steep and slippery, and thick nettle bushes made it hard to see the puppies.

A few hours later and some logistics one of the Volunteers Svetlana Pankova was able to catch 3 puppies:

ex1 ex2 ex3 ex4

The puppies are from different litters and of different age but they all were infested with fleas:

ex5 ex6 ex7 ex8

The water turned red when bathing the puppies.

3 puppies now, bathed, fed and parasite free:

ex9 ex10 ex11

The tan puppy was adopted a few days after the rescue thanks to the social media post!

Thanks to rescue efforts and love for animals by Sterlitamak Volunteers 3 more lives were saved!


Happy Tails: 2 years later cat reunites with owners

SV group received a call at 8am about a cat recently found by the Volunteers. The young male cat was found a few months ago in terrible condition – emaciated with matted dirty coat, infested with fleas. The cat stayed at the foster home where he was treated for fleas, gained weight and became a gorgeous cat with white and grey long hair coat.


st3 st4



He was named Kesha by his foster parents and he knew his name.  As all foster animals, Kesha received a lot of love and support by the SV group and the foster. The Volunteers made a post on social media website about him and …it worked!

The person calling about Kesha turned out to be his owner. He said that Kesha (Gosha as they named him) was lost exactly around the area where he was found but 2 years ago! When fosters met with the potential owners they were questioned about the age of the cat because he seemed too young to be lost 2 years ago. The owner said that when Gosha was very little one of his claws on the hind leg had to be removed because it got infected. The foster parents were surprised to find out that Kesha (Gosha) did not have the claw!

The foster parents were happy that Gosha found their original owners and went home with entire family.


We are very excited about this reunion and hope that we can see more of such happy endings!



Happy ending

This morning Lisa, one of the volunteers of SV group, found a box with a month old kitten inside. The writing on the box says: “Take it, needs good hands”:


Volunteer who found the kitten

Nobody knows who abandoned this kitten. It was raining all day and the poor little thing got soaking wet and cold. The volunteer took her home and made a post looking for a foster care or a home.



A few hours later the kitten was chilling on a couch in her new home after a meal and playtime.



This is one of the happy tails that we love to see all the time. Thanks to good hearted people like the volunteer Lisa one more life was saved today.  BIG thank you to all Volunteers and people who rescue animals!

Please be kind to all animals!

Sterlitamak Volunteers is an organization that exists and works directly off of the donations received from general public. All Volunteers and organizers of this group are working as unpaid volunteers and all proceeds go to cover the cost of medications, transportation, food and surgeries. 

Update – Cat with a string (Happy Tails)

Kolya, a cat with embedded string, is now in his forever home!

Kolya was found with deep wounds caused by embedded string all around his body.

You can see before pictures in earlier posts.

Here is Kolya now:


He lives with another cat at home and  they seem to get along pretty well.

Help SV group make more happy tails come true! Please make a small donation which will go a long way.

Thank you!

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Sterlitamak Volunteers is an organization that exists and works directly off of the donations received from general public. All Volunteers and organizers of this group are working as unpaid volunteers and all proceeds go to cover the cost of medications, transportation, food and surgeries for homeless animals. 

SV group results for 2014


Sterlitamak Volunteers group has been working hard this past year and produces some great results:

882 animals found their forever homes, you can see pictures of all adopted animals here.

179 animals were spayed and neutered, please see pictures here.

For 1.5 years of the existence of SV group the volunteers had organized 240 adoption events, see pictures of all adoption events here.

Sterlitamak Volunteers is a group of regular people – volunteers from Sterlitamak, Russia. They joined their efforts to help street animals to bring them back to help and then find their forever homes.

All the help that this group receives is coming from regular people from donations (of money, food, medication, foster care, transportation and so on).  The leaders of the Volunteers are Tamara Mazitova, Svetlana Pankova, Nadezhda Bezrukova and Yuliya Dobrogorskaya. Most of the Volunteers are school kids who rescue, feed, foster animals in their free time from school.

All adoption events are held all year around outdoors in any type of weather. All adoptable animals were previously homeless and most of them had health issues. At the time of adoption all animals are healthy. The adoptions are free of charge with future assistance in spaying and neutering. Prior to adoption events most of the animals are being fostered by the volunteers. Some fosters have over 15 animals at a time in different health conditions.

The countless efforts of Volunteers are paying off when they see the pictures of their adopted animals in their forever homes. Unfortunately, we cannot help all of them, sometimes the help comes too late.  If you would like to help us, please make a donation via our paypal account. All donations are going to the animals of SV group.

Have a happy and healthy 2015! 

Thank you!

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Happy Tails – Kittens in a dumpster

As we prepare for the New Year of 2015 we would like to thank everyone who likes and follows our blog and share a few happy stories.

Happy Tail:

On a cold night a woman was passing by a dumpster when she heard meowing sounds. She looked into the dumpster and found a plastic bag with 2 tiny kittens. They were very little.

These kittens were taken by SV volunteers to foster. They were not even a month old and had to be fed from a syringe.  Due to the unhappy start of their lives on the street the kittens got sick with different infections (fungal infection, diarrhea, herpes virus). After a long recovery and tedious work of the foster parents, the kittens became better.

The volunteers tried to find forever homes for both kittens but they were always passed on.

Two kittens found in a dumpster. This picture was taken a month later when they were healthy and ready for their forever homes

d2 d3

The foster family decided to adopt the pair after a few failed attempts to find a home for the kittens.  Now they are healthy and happy.  A boy and a girl grew into two big gorgeous cats!

Just look at them:

d4 d6 d5


SV group is happy for them and want to thank you all for sharing their story!


Happy Tails – Cat survived after being set on fire

On October 17, 2014 Valeriya was on her way back from college when she noticed a cat sitting next to a supermarket’s entrance with a head down.  There are a lot of homeless and stray animals roaming the streets of Russia, so this is not a surprising occurrence to see a cat or a dog or a puppy next to a house or a supermarket scavenging for food and warmth. But this cat was different than others. After the first glance at the feline, Valeriya thought that the cat was covered in snow but when she looked closer – the cat had burnt whiskers and her fur was burnt as well. Also the poor feline was very emaciated.

Valeriya could not just leave this poor thing there and she called her mother and told her with tears what hapened. Valeriya’s mother told her to take the cat to the vet and bring home after, and this is exactly what she did.

The vet confirmed that cat was previously torched and suffered some burns on her skin. After receiving a few injections the poor cat was released.  By the way this emergency care the vet provided for free.

Valeriya took the cat home where she continued taking care of the feline and decided to adopt her even though there was already a cat in the house.

This is a great story of a humane treatment of an animal! Thanks to Valeriya, her mother and the vet one more life was saved!

First hours in the house



Burnt whiskers and the coat. She slept very quietly in the house and started purring right away falling asleep on Valeriya’s lap.


Burnt skin

Now the cat is fully recovered and is about to be spayed by the SV group.


This is how she looks now




She still have some wounds on her ears and skin but doesn’t have any emotional wounds in her heart even after some human set her on fire.





People be kind and protect those who cannot protect and speak for themselves!




Young Sterlitamak Volunteers

This post is to provide a glimpse into work of the Sterlitamak Volunteers. The volunteers are mothers, fathers, teenagers, students, elementary, middle and high school kids with their parents who support what they do ever single day – saving animal lives.

Despite homework, school, work, chores, and other problems of day-to-day life, the Volunteers devote their time and big hearts to homeless animals. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, in addition to taking animals from the streets and nursing them back to health, the Volunteers organize Adoption Events. These events take place outside of a Mobile Phone store near a local market. The management  of the store allowed the Volunteers to occupy a small space by the porch. They do not have any tent or seats, just the crates with fostered animals which they transport themselves from different parts of town and the country. Adoption Events usually run from 10 am to 6 pm. The Volunteers are on their feet for over 6 hours at a time without any shelter!

Adoption Events are hosted 3-4 times a week all year long! In Russia winter weather sets in around mid October and lasts until mid April. Summer weather lasts for just over 2 months. From June to September 1st school kids are on summer break. Some of them enjoy the hot wether but others, like our Volunteers, take care of homeless animals and organizing Adoption Events.

Please see a few pictures of Sterlitamak Volunteers at the Adoption Events:


Yes, it is very cold in the winter and Volunteers keep animals warm by wrapping them into warm blankets or tucking them inside their jackets.

The summer season is almost over now and many Volunteers will go back to school on September 1st. Unlike their school mates, Volunteers did not have time to rest this summer.

For example, just this week 2 Volunteers brought a former stray dog to be spayed. They already found a home for the dog in the country side, an hour away from the vet clinic.  The cost of transportation for the animals was paid by these girls. The dog weighs over 40 lb! These 2 Volunteers had a foster cat also who needed stitches removed after a surgery.

21 22 23DW1JCTwNr_Q


As a result only this year Sterlitamak Volunteers found homes for 575 animals, please see pictures here.

As of today, 144 homeless animals were spayed and neutered, please see pictures here.

Everything from transportation charges/gas to vet bills, medications and food for animals is either fund raised by Volunteers or comes out of their pockets!  The Volunteers who are in high school don’t do it for Community Work credits, we simply do not have this type of requirement in our school system.

This shows a strong devotion to the cause of saving animal lives!

Please support Sterlitamak Volunteers by donating a small amount which will go a long way! Please share!

Thank you!

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Adopted – Daisy, an injured dog

Daisy has been adopted!!!

It has been 2 weeks since Daisy is at her new place. She has an enclosure, a new cat-friend and a lot of farm animals around.

The new owners are happy with her and Daisy still “talks” funny.

Please see her story below:

Her story is the usual one – her previous owner did not want her any longer and she ended up on the street.  She was found on the side of a street in May dying (there is a post about her earlier). She could not move and stayed outside for a few days before a rescue group could find a foster care for her.

She was probably hit by a car, she had bone fracture and could not walk. Daisy got better thanks to her foster and treatment.  Look at the difference a kittle love does!







Daisy likes to talk, does not bark or squeal, just talks, you have to hear it! She is very obedient, she would never walk in front or pull you, Daisy waits until you let her go for a walk with you.

We are happy for Daisy!

Update – Adopted puppy named Lana

I have an update on the puppy I gave to my parents. My parents have agreed to adopt a puppy from SV group.

This puppy was homeless like millions of other animals in Russia. She was picked up and fostered by SV group volunteers but she needed a home. After a few failed adoption events where she was passed by, now she has a loving home with bunch of farm animals, big brother Rex, barn cat, chickens and geese.

The puppy has arrived to my parents last night. She is a very low energy dog with a very good personality. She loves being a lap dog and  loves eating Russian Pelmeni.

My parents already have an elderly dog named Rex. When the new puppy arrived Rex did not even notice. He gets along well with cats and puppies.

This is one life that was saved yesterday and I am very happy my parents are animal lovers and they support me!

Please support your local animal rescues and adopt from shelters!

Puppy being picked up by my cousin to be transported to my parents’ house, 35 miles away.
She is at my parents’ yard, just chilling.

Adopted puppy named Lana

My parents live in the countryside nearby Steritamak (32 miles away). I have been looking and supporting the work of  APAC Shelter (Tolyatti) and SV group (Sterlitamak). Making a blog and a Facebook page for them and translating their posts and helping with fundraisers is the least I can do from afar.

So after I saw that many dogs, puppies, cats and kittens are being in constant danger living without owners, I have asked my mother to adopt one of the puppies from SV group. My parents currently have an old dog named Rex (also been adopted by my parents after they found him bleeding with open wounds, now all healed), and my 14-year old indoor cat named Ksyusha, a barn cat named Vasilisa and off course farm animals: 2 cows, 2 calfs, 4 sheep, geese, chicken and ducks.

So I convinced my mom to receive a “gift” from me in a form of a puppy to add to her farm.

The puppy is now about 4-5 months old. Her name will be “Lana”, she is the most quietest puppy one can ever meet. She likes to eat Russian ravioli (pelmeni) and sit on your lap.

SV group helped me with her spay surgery (I have paid for the surgery and a 10-day foster after the surgery).  She will be with my parents on June 16th (Monday).

Please see her pictures:

Lana at one of the adoption events (she thinks she is a lap dog). She was not adopted, she was waiting for me!


Adoption Event #172 SV

Another adoption event happened today and 13  kittens out of 18 found their new owners.

Sterlitamak Volunteers take their fostered animals to public markets  and spend there at least 5 hours each weekend day to find homes for their homeless animals. Today the event was from 11 am to 4 pm and turnout was great!

10 volunteers were involved in this event.

SV group cannot take in all homeless animals due to the fact that all these people are just regular people and do not have a designated shelter building for their animals, all of them take cats and dogs to their apartments or homes, usually fostering 10 and more animals at a time.

The ones SV cannot take in, the group spreads the word about and asks people for help to take in some of the injured and/or homeless animals to save them from every day danger on the streets, such as abuse, cars, infectious deceases, poisoning and shooting (shooting of homeless animals is unfortunately a common practice in Russia, as well as poisoning). Also, the group daily checks on homeless pets, they cannot foster, feeding them, providing with medical treatment and constantly looking for foster families.  This is a selfless way of helping animals and SV group hopes that what they do every day can change people’s attitude towards homeless and neglected animals from cruelty to kindness.

All animals are adopted out free of charge, unless adopters make a voluntary gifts/donations.

Here are the pictures from the event.











Adoption events are tiring, very tiring:)



172 v

172 n

172 m

172 c

172 b

172 a

Adoption Event #166 SV

This week Sterlitamak Volunteers organized 166th adoption event called “The Road to Home”.

14 kittens and 2 puppies found their forever homes!

Here are the pictures:

Look at this beautiful fur ball! He was adopted!


This puppy and his sister were very popular at the event. They were cuddled and held by many animal lovers!








All adoption events have the donation box to help the homeless and injured animals.




APAC First Adoption Event

The very first adoption event of APAC went very well!

Special thanks to our volunteers who took care of our animals.  Also we thank the people who organized children games, brought pee pads and food for our animals, played with them and walked the dogs during the event.

Also we thank  people for financial help.

The results:

5 puppies were adopted out and 1 cat.

We raised $140

Thank you!






“Dog’s sole does not depend on its breed but on its owner”.
“I have the right to live”


Our animals with their new owners:



31 30

These guys are leaders of the group which is helping orphanages, old and sick people: