Rescued puppies

SV group received a call from their vet who informed them about puppies living next to a river trash pile. The river there is deep and moves fast. The puppies were crying and hiding in nettle bushes.

The river bank where puppies were hiding is too steep and slippery, and thick nettle bushes made it hard to see the puppies.

A few hours later and some logistics one of the Volunteers Svetlana Pankova was able to catch 3 puppies:

ex1 ex2 ex3 ex4

The puppies are from different litters and of different age but they all were infested with fleas:

ex5 ex6 ex7 ex8

The water turned red when bathing the puppies.

3 puppies now, bathed, fed and parasite free:

ex9 ex10 ex11

The tan puppy was adopted a few days after the rescue thanks to the social media post!

Thanks to rescue efforts and love for animals by Sterlitamak Volunteers 3 more lives were saved!


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