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Update – RIP- Kitten with a broken jaw (Button)

Sadly Button has passed away on Friday (January 23, 2015)…

On January 21st she started throwing up blood and her stool contained blood.  She would not eat or drink.

Button had suffered abuse. She was found on a cold night outside crying for help. Her jaw was broken. SV group took her and fixed her jaws. As we all thought she was almost healthy for her forever home, but a few days ago she stared feeling sick and fading. Button had internal injuries, her liver raptured.

Her foster mom and the leader of Sterlitamak Volunteers is very sad and appalled by the cruelty people cause to animals. She hand fed Button during her recovery and was working on her fear of man. We all were so happy to see Button getting better…

RIP Button…



Please read her rescue story in our earlier posts.

Animal abuse in Russia is unfortunately a common practice and there are almost no laws protecting them. The Russian government actually spends money on hiring firms with firearm licenses to kill homeless animals and it is a fact.  Also a self-proclaimed society called “Dog hunters” formed by morons is killing homeless animals (cats and dogs) and pets daily.

Animal activists in Russia are fighting for animal rights and we hope the government will respond to multiple petitions and letters to the president.