Story about Dina – two legged dog

Story about Dina (Graphic Content):

Dina was found in August 2013 with 3 broken legs (2 front legs and one hind leg) in one of the construction sites in Tolyatti, Russia. A man who found her says that she must have fallen from the 3rd floor of the building. After a few attempts to find a place for her at animal shelters in Tolyatti, she was accepted in one of them.

Her recovery was long and “bumpy”. Due to the non-sanitary conditions at the shelter, Dina’s operated legs became infected. The pressure of her body caused the skin to rapture in one of the legs and also she developed hot spots. APAC shelter decided to take care of Dina and provide a paid foster care with treatment. In January 2014 the shelter owed over $400 for Dina’s foster care, she survived 4 surgeries that left her with only one front leg and one functional hind leg.

Doctors were very impressed by her will to live. Dina’s foster mother who provided care, love and patience, took great care of Dina. She can walk now on her 2 legs. Unfortunately, Dina is back at the shelter due to the debt for the foster care. The shelter owes 5000 rubles or $150 for her foster.

The shelter is not a place for Dina due to her special needs. She needs clean environment of a house and extra care for her wounds.

It was recommended to get prosthetic leg for Dina in the future to improve her quality of life.

Please see her pictures below. Note: GRAPHIC CONTENT!

Dina when she was first found
Image of her broken legs


Dina at the shelter right after she was found and accepted to the facility.
After the first surgery


Dina developed hot spots and all her stitches became infected because she tried to drag herself on the floor


Bone was extracted from the front broken leg because it ruptured her skin and started to rot. The smell coming from Dina was very bad (due to the infection).
Dina with her foster mother – Marina


Dina learnt how to walk! She has an incredible will power! 2 of her 4 surgeries she had under local anesthesia (she was awake).

Please spread Dina’s story! She has been through a lot but ha not lost her taste for life. Please donate! Any amount will go a long way!

Thank you!

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