Hi my name is Svetlana or just Lana. I am supporting and spreading awareness of cruelty against animals that is happening in Russia.

There are a lot of cats and dogs that live on the streets in any type of weather. Some of them were born on the streets and some of them became homeless. Russian government does not care about the issue of animal cruelty and constantly growing population of animals on the streets. Some people took it upon themselves to create animal shelters and start rescuing, providing medical attention and finding homes for animals.

But there are people who are pure evil. They kill animals, throw them from high rise apartment buildings, run them over, poison them and so on… until innocent animals die.

Good people exist and they help as much as they can. So, please, let us join them and help animals and by doing so we can set an example to the new generation and save lives of homeless animals!

In this blog I will be posting stories about animals being rescued by a volunteer group located in Sterlitamak, Russia. It is called BAGIRA.

I will be using the photos and translate their updates. Each post will contain a link to a paypal account. All donations will go to BAGIRA to help animals in need.

Even $5 can save a life!

Thank you!


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