Happy Tails: 2 years later cat reunites with owners

SV group received a call at 8am about a cat recently found by the Volunteers. The young male cat was found a few months ago in terrible condition – emaciated with matted dirty coat, infested with fleas. The cat stayed at the foster home where he was treated for fleas, gained weight and became a gorgeous cat with white and grey long hair coat.


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He was named Kesha by his foster parents and he knew his name.  As all foster animals, Kesha received a lot of love and support by the SV group and the foster. The Volunteers made a post on social media website about him and …it worked!

The person calling about Kesha turned out to be his owner. He said that Kesha (Gosha as they named him) was lost exactly around the area where he was found but 2 years ago! When fosters met with the potential owners they were questioned about the age of the cat because he seemed too young to be lost 2 years ago. The owner said that when Gosha was very little one of his claws on the hind leg had to be removed because it got infected. The foster parents were surprised to find out that Kesha (Gosha) did not have the claw!

The foster parents were happy that Gosha found their original owners and went home with entire family.


We are very excited about this reunion and hope that we can see more of such happy endings!



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