Results July 2015

SV group is doing a remarkable work saving homeless animals in the hometown Sterlitamak, Russia.

Only in July 2015 the Volunteers rescued 95 animals.

They found homes for 69 animals.

3 cats and 3 dogs were spayed and neutered.

Received donations: $504.10  (= 32011 rubles)

Spendings: $460.59 (=29248 rubles)

Owed for previous month: $32.28 (=2050 rubles)

Balance for July 2015: $11.20 (= 711 rubles)

__________________________________________________________________________The balance of $11.20 is budgeted for spaying surgery of a mom cat found recently, but the procedure was delayed because all fosters are filled with animals and there is no spot for the after the surgery recovery (10 days).

As a result of July 2015, SV group has a balance of zero and 29 animals in their foster care.

The Volunteers are people with big hearts and endless energy. They accept any help they can get: old clothes, food for the animals, transportation for their injured and usually critical animals and just kind words of encouragement.

This work goes unnoticed by many citizens on Sterlitamak and many think that the Volunteers must take in every single homeless animal in town. At adoption events organized a few times a week by the Volunteers, they get swarmed by people who bring boxes of newborn kittens and puppies! These people get aggressive if the Volunteers refuse to take the animals. And these Volunteers are usually teenagers who spend their free time helping to fix the mistakes of negligent and irresponsible adults.

These kittens were found in a box by a busy road
The Volunteers at the Adoption Event
Box with the kittens found by a busy road

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SV group wants to proceed with TNR campaign (Trap-Neuter-Return) but unfortunately they do not have the money or the place to keep the cats and dogs after the surgery for 10 days before the stitches should come out and the animals can be released.

Please make a small donation towards saving lives of animals. Any amount will go a long way.


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Sterlitamak Volunteers is an organization that exists and works directly off of the donations received from general public. All Volunteers and organizers of this group are working as unpaid volunteers and all proceeds go to cover the cost of medications, transportation, food and surgeries.