Abused kittens in a plastic bag

This happened today at one of the construction sites in Sterlitamak, Russia:

2  female kittens were found in a closed plastic bag. When the Volunteers saw the condition the kittens were in, it really broke everyone’s heart! As the results of a vet examination showed both kittens were beaten,  one has lost the eye, both have one broken leg and they both have hernias.

We are raising funds for urgent surgeries to remove hernias, fix 2 legs and provide medication and food for the recovery process.

Please help! Any amount will go a long way!

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Cases of animal abuse are happening every day in Russia. And government is doing nothing, often contributing to the animal cruelty by approving laws that allow shooting homeless animals!

We are fighting every day to save as many as we can.  We are regular people like you – with jobs, families and problems. Sterlitamak Volunteers operates as a Volunteer organization without any shelter or help from the government, strictly on donations received from people.

Puppy hit by a car – UPDATE

The puppy is doing well after the surgery! The surgery was complicated and lasted for 3 hours but the puppy’s pelvis has been fixed.

The puppy was able to defecate right before the surgery which decreased the risks during surgery.

Most of the money for the surgery was raised by SV Volunteers. The total price for the surgery was $200. Now the puppy needs food and medicine to help recover.

Please donate with the note “for the puppy”. Any amount will go a long way.

Thank you

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Puppy hit by a car – Update

We received the news about the puppy’s condition and it is not really good. The pelvis is broken and one of the broken bones is obstructing the big intestine preventing the puppy from defecating. The puppy is suffering and whimpering because she has not popped for a week now.

The vet proposed to have enema done and a surgery to fix the bone after which the puppy will have a 50/50 chance of survival, but we will have to try! Otherwise, the puppy will die within a few weeks.

Right now the Volunteers are trying to give  puppy an enema to help relieve the pain.

We have started the fundraiser for the surgery, food and medication for the puppy (it is a girl as we found out), she will also need to be spayed during the surgery.

Before the accident
Before the accident
At the x-ray clinic
At the x-ray clinic

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Please help this young puppy live! The surgery needs to be urgent.  Every dollar will count and will go a long way!

Thank you!

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Puppy hit by a car

This week Sterlitamak Volunteers received a message from a lady who noticed a stray puppy crying on the side of the road. The puppy was in the area since September and an ad was created to find him a new home.

She took him into a shed by her house and emailed SV group asking for help. Th puppy was whimpering and could not get up on his legs.
The rural area where the accident happened is 20 minute ride from Sterlitamak, Russia. In spite of the late night, there volunteers to help this poor dog and people drove to the place and took him to temporary shelter, where it is warm (right now the temperature in that area is 14F or -10C at night!!!) and there is food and water provided.

Next day the puppy was taken to get x-rays done and now we are waiting for the vet to come over and assess his condition. The vet clinic does not have x-ray equipment and the vet clinic closes early, so the vet makes house calls for  200 rubles or $4.50.

The puppy is eating and drinking water, can urinate but not able to defecate – he whimpers when he wants to go. The x-ray technician said that there is something wrong with his pelvis and the right thigh. We are waiting on the news from the vet’s visit and will be posting the verdict later.

For now we wanted to start a fundraiser for this puppy to help him get better.

Before the accident
Before the accident

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Bill for the x-ray 500 rubles or $12
Bill for the x-ray 500 rubles or $12
At the x-ray clinic
At the x-ray clinic

I will be making more posts about the puppy to inform about his progress. As you can see even $5 can help tremendously, so please donate to help this puppy.  This is one of many homeless and stray dogs wondering the streets of Russia and we can help, maybe not all but we can start by saving one at a time!


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Adoption Event #224 SV

October 4th is World Animal Day and Volunteers in Sterlitamak, Russia held their 224th Adoption Event which lasted for five and a half hours.

As a result 10 (8 kittens and 2 puppies) previously homeless and abandoned animals found their homes.

The adoption events are held outside all year around, and today it was very cold, but that did not stop the Volunteers from taking their foster animals and going to the event!

To celebrate the World Animal Day the Volunteers had painted posters to spread  awareness about compassion for all animals, especially the homeless.

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Pictures from the Event:

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Please, do not forget about animals not only today but every day; do something for them because it can be a difference between life and death for them!

Happy World Animal Day, all animal lovers!!!