Puppy hit by a car – Update

We received the news about the puppy’s condition and it is not really good. The pelvis is broken and one of the broken bones is obstructing the big intestine preventing the puppy from defecating. The puppy is suffering and whimpering because she has not popped for a week now.

The vet proposed to have enema done and a surgery to fix the bone after which the puppy will have a 50/50 chance of survival, but we will have to try! Otherwise, the puppy will die within a few weeks.

Right now the Volunteers are trying to give  puppy an enema to help relieve the pain.

We have started the fundraiser for the surgery, food and medication for the puppy (it is a girl as we found out), she will also need to be spayed during the surgery.

Before the accident
Before the accident
At the x-ray clinic
At the x-ray clinic

0074 0073

Please help this young puppy live! The surgery needs to be urgent.  Every dollar will count and will go a long way!

Thank you!

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