Abused kittens in a plastic bag

This happened today at one of the construction sites in Sterlitamak, Russia:

2  female kittens were found in a closed plastic bag. When the Volunteers saw the condition the kittens were in, it really broke everyone’s heart! As the results of a vet examination showed both kittens were beaten,  one has lost the eye, both have one broken leg and they both have hernias.

We are raising funds for urgent surgeries to remove hernias, fix 2 legs and provide medication and food for the recovery process.

Please help! Any amount will go a long way!

67 66 65 64 63

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Cases of animal abuse are happening every day in Russia. And government is doing nothing, often contributing to the animal cruelty by approving laws that allow shooting homeless animals!

We are fighting every day to save as many as we can.  We are regular people like you – with jobs, families and problems. Sterlitamak Volunteers operates as a Volunteer organization without any shelter or help from the government, strictly on donations received from people.


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