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Trip to Russia (preparation)

I am going to Russia for 2 weeks and will be going to visit the BAGIRA group in person.  This trip was planned for me to visit my family there and bring my 2 orange tabbies to my mom’s.  I know, it sounds ‘very crazy lady’- like but:

My husband was diagnosed with severe cat allergies this April, and since then my 2 little babies had to relocate to my friend’s house who kindly agreed to foster them, then go to adoption events every weekend.  My two cats are very special to me. You can find  out about them on their Instagram page.

The right adoptive family was not found and to say the truth, I would not imagine parting with them forever. To make the story short, I am taking my kittens on a plane with me (in the cabin, hopefully, as it was agreed by the airline) and will be traveling for almost 20 hours: flight then layover for 6 hours then another flight and then 2-hour drive to my parents house!

I will provide updates about my cats and BAGIRA group. Wish us luck!

Trying out their new carries!

Kitten on the side of the road

The founder of SV group was driving outside the city when she thought that she saw something in the grass on the side of the road.

Then she asked her husband who was driving to pull over and go back.

She was right and it was a little black and white kitten.  There were no houses nearby, only the roads. The kitten was left there to die.

After the initial check up we found out that the kitten has ringworm that is now being treated. The kitten is being kept separately from other animals due to ringworm.

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The kitten is being treated for the infection.

Please donate to make help SV gout save animals.

Thank you.

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Sterlitamak Volunteers is an organization that exists and works directly off of the donations received from general public. All Volunteers and organizers of this group are working as unpaid volunteers and all proceeds go to cover the cost of medications, transportation, food and surgeries. 

Update-Puppy run over by a truck

The puppy’s name is “Baby” (in translation from the Russian). His paw is healing pretty well. He has not get up yet, but I am sure he will get used to using his 3 legs instead of 4 pretty soon.

We still need your help in paying for his foster ($8/day), medicines, pee pads and good quality food.

Please spread the word about Baby and let’s help him together!

Thank you!


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Update-Puppy run over by a truck

This puppy is an amputee now and he was in a very bad condition when he was found on the side of the road.  After the surgery he was hooked to IV for a few days,  now he is doing better, started eating.

He still needs our help in gaining weight and  health. His foster and care is not free, unfortunately, and it has been paid for only until June 6th.  Please help him survive after all he has been through.

Thank you! 

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