Update – Puppy run over by a truck

The puppy is currently in foster care, which is not free.

It is $10 per day. Puppy also needs good quality food and medications to help him heal after the surgery.

1. He needs Royal Canin Recovery – $4.30 per can
2. He needs the following medications:

  • Sulperazon,
  • Levomikol,
  • Dioxidine,
  • Cefuroxime,
  • Amikacin,
  • Chymotrypsin,
  • Actovegin,
  • Solcoseryl (ampoules),
  • Riboxinum,
  • Ciprofloxacin,
  • Glucose and sodium chloride 0.9% (in bottles).

Please help us bring this puppy back to health. We rely on your help and we apologize for not having more recent photos of the puppy (we are taking in a lot of injured animals right now).

Thank you!

Before the surgery
After the surgery

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Adoption Event #166 SV

This week Sterlitamak Volunteers organized 166th adoption event called “The Road to Home”.

14 kittens and 2 puppies found their forever homes!

Here are the pictures:

Look at this beautiful fur ball! He was adopted!


This puppy and his sister were very popular at the event. They were cuddled and held by many animal lovers!








All adoption events have the donation box to help the homeless and injured animals.




APAC First Adoption Event

The very first adoption event of APAC went very well!

Special thanks to our volunteers who took care of our animals.  Also we thank the people who organized children games, brought pee pads and food for our animals, played with them and walked the dogs during the event.

Also we thank  people for financial help.

The results:

5 puppies were adopted out and 1 cat.

We raised $140

Thank you!






“Dog’s sole does not depend on its breed but on its owner”.
“I have the right to live”


Our animals with their new owners:



31 30

These guys are leaders of the group which is helping orphanages, old and sick people: http://vk.com/totlt


7 Homeless Puppies

7 puppies and their mommy need help. This puppy family lives close to a busy road outside the town of Tolyatti. They started to run around and go to the busy traffic highway, one of the puppies has already been killed by a car. Another problem is that they live close to people who want to get rid of them by driving them and abandoning them very deep in the woods. Since there is no Animal

Control Police in Russia, some kind people want to help this family out but we need donations to feed them all and prepare them for adoption.

Please help us save them! Click donation button below and spare at least $5. It will go a long way!

puppy2 Puppy1

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Puppy run over by a truck UPDATE

The puppy had his surgery May 23. One leg was amputated. The bones in another paw had been shuttered by the weight of the truck. The vet took out as many broken pieces of bones as possible and sewed it. Now we have to wait if the paw can be saved.

The puppy was prescribed a course of antibiotics and vitamins to help him heal. Please help us raise money for his treatment. Even $5 can help.

Thank you!

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Puppy after the surgery:




Cat with a broken jaw

This cat was found outside on the street this week by Sterlitamak Volunteers (SV):
The cat has a broken jaw and was found very dehydrated. The cat is cared for by one of the volunteers and needs us to help her with some funds for medications and maybe a surgery.
This is the cat:

Let us help and donate at least $5. It will go a long way in Russian currency. Please spare at least $5 to help this cat.
I will provide future updates on the amount raised and cat’s health.
Thank You!

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Puppy run over by a truck

Here is the story of a puppy run over by a truck:

This homeless puppy was found on the street with his front legs severed. Initial veterinary check up prognosis was not so great: both legs had to be amputated. APAC curators started spreading the word about this puppy immediately via social media to raise funds for surgery to save at least one of his legs. The surgery was scheduled for Friday, May 23 (today). APAC was able to raise $220 which will go towards the puppy’s surgery, medications and paid foster after the surgery.

Here are the pictures when the puppy was found (warning: GRAPHIC CONTENT):

One of Severed Paws


Another Paw

After the accident

At the vet

Before the surgery on May 23, 2014

This puppy will need intensive care after the surgery. The money that has already been raised ($220) will no be enough for rehabilitation and future expenses. Let us help and donate at least $5. It will go a long way in Russian currency. Please spare at least $5 to help this puppy.
I will provide future updates on the amount raised and puppy’s health.
Thank You!

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