Adoption Event #224 SV

October 4th is World Animal Day and Volunteers in Sterlitamak, Russia held their 224th Adoption Event which lasted for five and a half hours.

As a result 10 (8 kittens and 2 puppies) previously homeless and abandoned animals found their homes.

The adoption events are held outside all year around, and today it was very cold, but that did not stop the Volunteers from taking their foster animals and going to the event!

To celebrate the World Animal Day the Volunteers had painted posters to spread  awareness about compassion for all animals, especially the homeless.

96  9495


Pictures from the Event:

98 114 112 113 110 111 108 109 107 106 105 104 103 101 102 99 100 97

Please, do not forget about animals not only today but every day; do something for them because it can be a difference between life and death for them!

Happy World Animal Day, all animal lovers!!!






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