Graphic Content – Importance of spaying and neutering

Unfortunately,  this post shows a regular face of animal neglect in Russia.  SV (Sterlitamak) group rescued this kitten from a locked apartment building basement. This kitten has fallen out eyes, his nose was deformed and everything is full of puss.

SV group saved another kitten last week with congenital problems from the same situation. Huge numbers of homeless and abandoned animals fill towns and cities of Russia. They multiply and get sick, they get abused, beaten, run over, tortured, shot and killed.

SV group, like many other rescue groups that do not receive any government support, rescue as many as possible but this is never enough because every month they would bring a new litter of newborns.  One of the vet clinics agreed to help SV group to perform spaying and neutering surgeries at a reduced rate, but we need to raise money for that daily.

For example spaying/neutering of a cat will cost around $12 and $20 for a dog.

Please help us raise money for spay/neuter surgeries!



Kitten with congenital deffects of front legs, blind

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APAC Shelter Animals need help

APAC Shelter, Tolyatti houses 150 dogs and 25 cats of all ages and sizes. We need to have them all vaccinated. The shelter had enough money to vaccinate only 30 dogs.

We need to raise $315 to purchase all necessary vaccines.

Please help us do it.

Any amount will count!

Thank you!








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Kitten with congenital defects

This kitten was found on the street. He is about 2 month old.  Nobody knows where he came from, but it is a mystery how he survived up till now.

The kitten was taken to a vet and turns out he has congenital defect – his front legs turned outwards, and they are atrophic. Also his eyesight is barely there. How did he survive?! It will stay a mystery.

The vet’s verdict is not good, he will most likely die soon.  He is fostered by one of the volunteers from SV group.

Please help us make this kittens last days better, donate.




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Update – Adopted puppy named Lana

I have an update on the puppy I gave to my parents. My parents have agreed to adopt a puppy from SV group.

This puppy was homeless like millions of other animals in Russia. She was picked up and fostered by SV group volunteers but she needed a home. After a few failed adoption events where she was passed by, now she has a loving home with bunch of farm animals, big brother Rex, barn cat, chickens and geese.

The puppy has arrived to my parents last night. She is a very low energy dog with a very good personality. She loves being a lap dog and  loves eating Russian Pelmeni.

My parents already have an elderly dog named Rex. When the new puppy arrived Rex did not even notice. He gets along well with cats and puppies.

This is one life that was saved yesterday and I am very happy my parents are animal lovers and they support me!

Please support your local animal rescues and adopt from shelters!

Puppy being picked up by my cousin to be transported to my parents’ house, 35 miles away.
She is at my parents’ yard, just chilling.


6 people helped donate food, syringes, medical gloves and more for yesterday’s plea about the lack of finances in SV group.

2 people donated money and today 2 pregnant homeless cats were spayed.  Note that spay/neuter surgeries for cats cost just $11 in Russia.

Please help us with the fight against animal cruelty and overpopulation of stray and homeless animals in Russia!

No amount is too small!







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Urgent — need help

SV is a group of volunteers who do not have a designated shelter so they foster and look for foster homes for over 200 animals, as of today.

The group is in  a desperate need of help. Due to the lack of donations, the group can no longer neuter/spay animals, treat them, feed them and help the injured stray pets.

Please help us save animals.

These 2 kittens were abandoned and now live on the street. The group cannot take them in because of lack of finances.

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These little kittens live in a cold lobby of an apartment building where they are constantly being kicked and thrown outside by the janitors.

k1 k2 k3

This very pregnant cat lives at a bus stop, SV goup cannot take her in because of lack of financial support:




Please help with donations, please help save lives!

No amount is too small. Anything will go a long way!

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Daisy, an injured dog

A dog (now named Daisy) was found on a side of the road. She could not stand up or move. For a few days she stayed on the same spot outside before the rescue group found foster for her.

A group of people helped, a couple who drove the poor pup to the vet,  a few people looked after Daisy while she was waiting for foster. They fed her and gave her water.

According to a vet Daisy has a bone fracture right underneath her tail. She has not defecated for a few days now. She has been prescribed vitamins and rest until the results of her blood work results come in.

The person who is fostering Daisy has a lot of foster pets and she needs our help with food, pee pads and medications.

Let’s help Daisy get better and find a good owner!

Please donate! No amount is too small!

Thank you!

Daisy on the side of the road
People fed her and gave her water for a few days before she was taken to the vet and then to her foster home
Vet bill 900 rubles = $26


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