Young Sterlitamak Volunteers

This post is to provide a glimpse into work of the Sterlitamak Volunteers. The volunteers are mothers, fathers, teenagers, students, elementary, middle and high school kids with their parents who support what they do ever single day – saving animal lives.

Despite homework, school, work, chores, and other problems of day-to-day life, the Volunteers devote their time and big hearts to homeless animals. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, in addition to taking animals from the streets and nursing them back to health, the Volunteers organize Adoption Events. These events take place outside of a Mobile Phone store near a local market. The management  of the store allowed the Volunteers to occupy a small space by the porch. They do not have any tent or seats, just the crates with fostered animals which they transport themselves from different parts of town and the country. Adoption Events usually run from 10 am to 6 pm. The Volunteers are on their feet for over 6 hours at a time without any shelter!

Adoption Events are hosted 3-4 times a week all year long! In Russia winter weather sets in around mid October and lasts until mid April. Summer weather lasts for just over 2 months. From June to September 1st school kids are on summer break. Some of them enjoy the hot wether but others, like our Volunteers, take care of homeless animals and organizing Adoption Events.

Please see a few pictures of Sterlitamak Volunteers at the Adoption Events:


Yes, it is very cold in the winter and Volunteers keep animals warm by wrapping them into warm blankets or tucking them inside their jackets.

The summer season is almost over now and many Volunteers will go back to school on September 1st. Unlike their school mates, Volunteers did not have time to rest this summer.

For example, just this week 2 Volunteers brought a former stray dog to be spayed. They already found a home for the dog in the country side, an hour away from the vet clinic.  The cost of transportation for the animals was paid by these girls. The dog weighs over 40 lb! These 2 Volunteers had a foster cat also who needed stitches removed after a surgery.

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As a result only this year Sterlitamak Volunteers found homes for 575 animals, please see pictures here.

As of today, 144 homeless animals were spayed and neutered, please see pictures here.

Everything from transportation charges/gas to vet bills, medications and food for animals is either fund raised by Volunteers or comes out of their pockets!  The Volunteers who are in high school don’t do it for Community Work credits, we simply do not have this type of requirement in our school system.

This shows a strong devotion to the cause of saving animal lives!

Please support Sterlitamak Volunteers by donating a small amount which will go a long way! Please share!

Thank you!

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Foster Home of one of the Sterlitamak Volunteers

Sterlitamak is one of the cities in Russia.

A group of its citizens decided to join their efforts and volunteer to save, sterilize, cure, find homes for hundreds of stray animals roaming streets of the city.

One of such Volunteers is a woman named Florida.  She is currently fostering 13 kittens and 12 grown cats.

All of these kittens were taken from the street, some of them were born homeless.  For example, only this week one of the volunteers found a box with 6 black three-week old kittens abandoned near a school yard.  They were taken to Florida’s foster and she is bottle feeding them.

Mostly, all found animals are sick with parasites, viral deceases, sometimes they are wounded severely.  All of them have different stories and hopefully all will have a happy ending. At least this is what we all work for.

Medication, food, visits to vet and everything else is provided by the group’s funds. These funds are donations received from people.

When animals are healthy and of age, Volunteers take them to adoption events to find them a new home.  Also, SV group raises money for spaying and neutering.

Sterlitamak Volunteers do not have a designated shelter, so they try to find foster homes and forever homes right away. Unfortunately,  not many people are open to foster sick animals, so Volunteers have their apartments filled with 10 or more animals at a time!

Please look at the pictures of Florida’s foster care:




One of the 6 kittens found in a box










The Volunteers are regular people like you. Please join us and contribute to saving animals!

Please help us to save lives and donate at least $5. It will go a long way!

Thank you!

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Vita – the puppy from our profile picture, her story


A few months ago someone witnessed how a puppy was run over by a car on purpose!  The puppy had open wound on her hind leg.


A compassionate person who saw the puppy crying contacted the APAC shelter asking to take the puppy in. She was a stray and nobody knew anything about her, so she was called Vita (means “life” in Latin).

A few hours later Vita was in surgery for amputation of the injured leg, vets could not save the leg and decided on the amputation.

Vita after the surgery

Vita now is a gown puppy and she learnt how to walk and run on her 3 legs. She is a happy, easy going girl, in need of her forever home.

Look at her:




Vita loves people and everything around her! She is full of life and has not given up on people and finding a new home.

Please share her story to help her find a new home!

Thank you!



Adoption Event #199 SV

Today Sterlitamak Volunteers had Adoption Event #199.

They were standing under the sun for almost 6 hours with their foster animals they had taken from the streets. Most of these cats and dogs were sick and injured or simply abandoned or born from a stray animal.  At the time of the adoption, all animals are healthy and  provided with a clean bill of health from their vet.

Today 13 animals found their homes: 10 puppies and 3 kittens.

Here are the pictures from the event:

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Great job, Volunteers!!!


Stray Puppy hit by a car

This stray puppy was hit by a car in the suburbs of Tolyatti, Russia, on  August 4th.


The driver did not even stop after that and drove away. The witnesses took the puppy to the shelter APAC.

The pooch had a laceration and probably internal injuries.

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He was taken to the vet the next day. Now he is doing better: eating, drinking and wagging his tail.

So far the shelter has raised 900 rubles = $25.00

We will be updating his story.

Please spare at least $5 for to help him recover. Please make a note -“for the puppy” on your donation.

Thank you!

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Adopted – Daisy, an injured dog

Daisy has been adopted!!!

It has been 2 weeks since Daisy is at her new place. She has an enclosure, a new cat-friend and a lot of farm animals around.

The new owners are happy with her and Daisy still “talks” funny.

Please see her story below:

Her story is the usual one – her previous owner did not want her any longer and she ended up on the street.  She was found on the side of a street in May dying (there is a post about her earlier). She could not move and stayed outside for a few days before a rescue group could find a foster care for her.

She was probably hit by a car, she had bone fracture and could not walk. Daisy got better thanks to her foster and treatment.  Look at the difference a kittle love does!







Daisy likes to talk, does not bark or squeal, just talks, you have to hear it! She is very obedient, she would never walk in front or pull you, Daisy waits until you let her go for a walk with you.

We are happy for Daisy!

Animal Population Control in Russia = Painful Death

Russia is controlling homeless animal population by spreading poisonous chemicals and hiring firms with firearms to shoot all cats and dogs on the streets.

Yes, this is a sad truth! Many citizens of all ages become witnesses of these horrifying tactics. Also some Russian citizens take it upon themselves to kill animals, especially young children who learn from their adults – also become very cruel towards animals.

One of many examples of children torturing animals is about Timosha, a kitten thrown from the 8th floor of an apartment building by children (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!!! Video is included).

There are so many similar cases with happy, but more often with very dramatic endings for animals all over Russia. The Russian government is not doing anything to better the situation of homeless animals. The government decided to simply launch a murdering campaign of animals on the streets and, hence, making it “legal” to rid of homeless animals this way!!!

In this picture below is one of the homeless dogs that was poisoned recently in Sterlitamak. On the video, you can see another dog who also consumed the same poison (it happened in the same location) and dying the same way as the one in the picture. The black dog in the picture also died that day.


Homeless animals are not the only ones suffering – people who take their pooches for a walk also find their dogs and cats foaming at their mouths, trembling from convolutions and suffocation, and then dying within 30 minutes after they accidentally have consumed a poison from the ground on the streets. And this is happening every single day!

A group of animal right activists and volunteers started a petition addressed to the major of the city Sterlitamak asking to stop the killings and create alternative humane methods to control the population of homeless animals.

We hope that you can join us and sign this petition.

This petition is for people to see what is happening in Russia.

Gulnaz Rahmatullina is the creator of this Petition and one of the animal rights activists of Pravo na Zhizn (“Right to Live”, Sterlitamak, Russia).

Here is the translation of the Petition:

Izotov Aleksey Nikolaevich, the mayor of Sterlitamak, Russia

Stop inhumane methods of animal population control in Sterlitamak, Russia.

This is a plea to seize inhumane methods of animal population control in Sterlitamak. Mass murder of homeless animals is taking place in our city. The methods of homeless animal population control are cruel and inhumane. Not only are dogs shot to death but also poisoned by chemicals easily available to the population at any drug store. Cats are killed in the same inhumane manner.

These chemicals (poison) cause tremendous suffering to the animals: choking, seizures, foaming at the mouth and agony for 30 minutes!

You can see it in the video posted on by animals protection activists and animals lovers of Sterlitamak: (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT)


The poison is spread in public places such as schools, where children see these animals dying in agony right in front of them causing these children psychological trauma!

We, the mothers and children, are against animal cruelty! We, the citizens of Sterlitamak, think that controlling population of homeless animals using cruelty is inhumane and economically ineffective. By killing animals the population of homeless animals is not decreasing, it actually increases filling out the void created in nature (according to the specialists-veterinarians). Moreover, there is nothing humane and moral using these methods.

In our opinion, different methods to control the population of homeless animals must be implemented. These methods are to:

1. Launch overall spay-and-neuter programs for animals;
2. Open foster care and shelters for homeless animals;
3. Create and implement social and educational campaigns for the people, especially children in schools, about ethical treatment of nature and animals via humanitarian ads, banners, flyers, television, newspapers and other types of media. The purpose of such campaigns will be to inform people about how important it is to sterilize their animals and will teach people that they are responsible for their pets.

These methods have already been used in many cities in Russia, throughout entire Europe, in some Latin American Countries and even in some African countries.
We are hopeful that our plea to Izotov Aleksey Nikolaevich, the mayor of Sterlitamak will be heard and our Golden City, as they call it, will start using humane methods to control the population of homeless animals.

Pravo na Zhizn (“Right to Live”, Sterlitamak, Russia), the animal activists group has organized many demonstrations in their city to protest the “legal” cruelty against animals, but, unfortunately, their manpower is scarce because fear of people with power prevails.

You can find the petition here:петиции/изотову-алексею-николаевичу-остановите-негуманные-методы-контроля-численности-бездомных-животных-в-г-стерлитамак#

We have already reached almost a half of 5000 needed signatures. We need your help! Please spread this petition and sign it! Leave a comment of support for the animal rights activists in Russia!

Thank you!