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Trip to Russia (results, traveling with cats abroad)

The trip to Russia was very productive, although short just 2 weeks.  I was taking my 2 orange tabbies with me to relocate them to my parents’ house due to my husband’s allergies.

My cats, as was planned, went into the cabin with me and my mother. For that, we had to do physical examination (+microchips) at their vet within 10 days of the flight and submit Health Certificate APHIS 7001  to local USDA office to be notarized.  The paperwork was filled out perfectly by our vet at Gaithersburg Veterinary Clinic  (huge THANK YOU to them!!!) and I had no problems at our local Richmond, VA USDA office.

At the airport, at the counter I have presented the form APHIS 7001 and paid additional fee for my kitties.  We went through the check point without any problems because when officers noticed cats they had smiles on their faces:)

At the gate and during a long 6-hour stop in Moscow, I had my cats in a playpen which was very very handy!!


During the flights, one of the cats was more vocal than the other but petting her helped right away.

When we arrived to my parents’ the cats felt like home. They relaxed after some time and started drinking water and eating.

image32 image39 image38 image37 image36 image35 image34 image33

The playpen and most of the toys my cats don’t use anymore were donate to BAGIRA rescue organization together with the monetary donation from me.

I was very happy to see my babies in my parents’ home. They like it there and my parents treat them like children 🙂

I hope that nobody will face the hard decision on separating with their pets but if you do (and it does happen), I hope you can find the best home for them and avoid shelters.


Happy ending

This morning Lisa, one of the volunteers of SV group, found a box with a month old kitten inside. The writing on the box says: “Take it, needs good hands”:


Volunteer who found the kitten

Nobody knows who abandoned this kitten. It was raining all day and the poor little thing got soaking wet and cold. The volunteer took her home and made a post looking for a foster care or a home.



A few hours later the kitten was chilling on a couch in her new home after a meal and playtime.



This is one of the happy tails that we love to see all the time. Thanks to good hearted people like the volunteer Lisa one more life was saved today.  BIG thank you to all Volunteers and people who rescue animals!

Please be kind to all animals!

Sterlitamak Volunteers is an organization that exists and works directly off of the donations received from general public. All Volunteers and organizers of this group are working as unpaid volunteers and all proceeds go to cover the cost of medications, transportation, food and surgeries. 

Spay and Neuter by SV

Sterlitamak Volunteers are working hard to help reduce the population of homeless animals and find them good owners.

This week we scheduled spay and neuter surgeries for 3 dogs and 7 cats. The surgeries take place at the house of the SV leader and foster mom – Tamara.  Although it is a very simple makeshift clinic that might not follow all medical standards but it is the best possible option to have all foster animals together at the same place during after working hours.

The vet who was performing the surgeries is a well known in town and she worked for 5 hours straight.  In the meantime the Volunteers who foster animals had conversations over some sweets and tea.

It it is small group  of Volunteers with big hearts who do great things for well being of animals and society.

The small number of volunteers talk over some tea while the vet is performing surgeries
The small number of volunteers talk over some tea while the vet is performing surgeries



10 homeless  animals were sterilized today:











All these cats and dogs will be looking for their forever homes after the stitches are taken out in 10 days.  After being spaying and neutered they will have more chances of getting a home.

We need to schedule more surgeries for more cats, some of them are already pregnant and need urgent spaying.

Each surgery is about $14. The SV group receives no help from the government at all.  Each ruble and dollar is raised by Volunteers.

Please help us raise funds for the much needed spay and neuter surgeries and give homeless animals hope of finding a forever home.

Each dollar counts! Please help today tomorrow might be too late.

Thank you!

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Adoption Event #186 SV Group

Sterlitamak Volunteers group had 186th adoption event on July 9th. As a result of standing from 11 am to 3.30 pm under the sun in a hot weather, the Volunteers adopted out 9 kittens from different fosters.

The dedication of these people is admirable. All of them have families and their own problems, but they invest their time and hard work in saving animals!

One of the volunteers lives outside from Sterlitamak and she has to take a bus at 7am (with her foster animals) to get to the adoption events at 11 am!!! Isn’t that a true dedication?!












Note: The group adopts out previously cured animals which have been picked up from the streets. All of the animals have a note from the vet of clean bill of health at the moment of the adoption.  All adoptions are free of charge and people can donate anything they want (food, money, toys for animals and etc).

Most of the times, random people bring found animals to these adoption events and tell the Volunteers to take them in (usually in a demanding way).  The Volunteers foster over 200 animals, and fosters are not easy to find. The animals that were not so lucky to find their foster homes are being looked after in the places where they live by an assigned Volunteer who feeds and brings water to the animals daily. Also, the Volunteers provide medical care if needed. All this done by people with huge hearts and true love for animals.