A few days of rescue – SV group

SV group rescues daily a lot of animals.  All of them have differed stories before and after rescue, some of them do not survive, unfortunately.

For the past few days the Volunteers have rescued 3 cat families (cats with newborn kittens), kittens of different ages and puppies.

Please see the pictures below with individual stories:

This orange kitten was rescued 2 days after it fell into the basement of an apartment building.  The kitten was with his cat-mother on the street and fell into the only narrow opening of the basement. It is now in foster care being treated for Feline Herpes Virus.



He was almost eaten by flees





SV group coordinator got a call from a vet clinic with a cry for help. Someone brought a cat a her newborn kittens to be put to sleep.  The cat family was taken by the coordinator to be fostered at her apartment where she already has over 30 animals.

mama3 mama5a mama5 mama4


Another cat family was rescued from the attic of an apartment building. Now it is in a foster care of one of the Volunteers who is already fostering  a lot of rescued homeless animals.

mamasha2 mamasha1


This cat had to give birth right on the cold asphalt.  A young woman saw them and called the Volunteers. Now the cat family is in foster care.

mama1 mama2


This kitten is only one or two-day old, was found near a supermarket by itself crying and very cold.  It was taken to the cat family above. This kitten is much smaller than the same age kittens rescued earlier that day with their mother.  The cat mother has taken the kitten in as her own.  Now we hope that he will survive.

On the left is the kitten found today. Compare it to the kitten the same age found with his mommy.

odin1 odin2


This cat family was found in a park. They are very beautiful and it looks like they were recently abandoned.

mal3 mal2 mal1


This kitten and 2 more were found abandoned in the woods.




This pretty kitten was rescued from the young children who were kicking it.  A young Volunteer saw it and rescued the kitten, now the kitten is being looked after by the Volunteers who are looking for his adopters.


dvor3 dvor2 dvor1


This young  Russian Blue was found abandoned on the street today. Now in foster care.


podkidish2 podkidish1


This poor kitten was rescued today. He has a Feline Herpes Virus, now being treated in foster care.


calc4 calc3 calc2 calc1


These puppies were found living near one of the warehouses. The Volunteers are trying to find their new homes.


baza2 baza3 baza4daza1


This little one was found on the street at 6 am. It was abandoned and cried all morning outside of one of the apartment buildings.  Now in foster care.




These brother and sister were brought by a woman to an adoption event and abandoned right in front of the Volunteers’ stand.  Now they are in good loving hands and looking for their forever homes.





This is just a result of a few days in life of SV group. The Volunteers try to save as many animals as they can, unfortunately not all survive  or get help on time.  SV group provides foster and medical care for abandoned, sick and injured animals.

The Volunteers need any help possible. Let’s help them at least financially to buy food and medication for the animals!

Please donate at least $5, it will go a long way!

Thank you!

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