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Update – Kitten with a broken jaw

The kitten with a broken jaw had a surgery this morning (December 29, 2014) and it went fine. The night before the surgery the kitten ate on her own but when it tried to lick its whiskers after the dinner the kitten cried with pain.

Kitten with a  broken jaw eating on her own. A day before surgery.
Kitten with a broken jaw eating on her own. A day before surgery.

In the morning the vet performed a surgery. The jaw was broken and had to be put into its place. The check up also showed that the kitten  has head injury.  Also both front paws missing 2 claws on each side, looks like they were torn out while the kitten was fighting for her life.  The paws are infected and now the kitten is on antibiotics.


After the surgery, December 29, 2014
After the surgery, December 29, 2014

cat8 cat7

After the surgery the kitten woke up and tried to take off protective collar. The kitten is being fed via syringe with puréed food. The stitches should be removed in 2 weeks.

We hope that everything goes well and our little feisty kitten will get better soon! We also want to thank the vet who only charged us 300 rubles or $5.50 for the surgery!

The kitten is in need of good food like Royal Canine Recovery and medications to boost her health.

If you would like to help, please donate. Any amount will go a long way in Russia!

If you do not have a paypal account, please follow “Donate” link and below you can find a link to donate with a credit card. 

Thank you!

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Spay and Neuter by SV

Sterlitamak Volunteers are working hard to help reduce the population of homeless animals and find them good owners.

This week we scheduled spay and neuter surgeries for 3 dogs and 7 cats. The surgeries take place at the house of the SV leader and foster mom – Tamara.  Although it is a very simple makeshift clinic that might not follow all medical standards but it is the best possible option to have all foster animals together at the same place during after working hours.

The vet who was performing the surgeries is a well known in town and she worked for 5 hours straight.  In the meantime the Volunteers who foster animals had conversations over some sweets and tea.

It it is small group  of Volunteers with big hearts who do great things for well being of animals and society.

The small number of volunteers talk over some tea while the vet is performing surgeries
The small number of volunteers talk over some tea while the vet is performing surgeries



10 homeless  animals were sterilized today:











All these cats and dogs will be looking for their forever homes after the stitches are taken out in 10 days.  After being spaying and neutered they will have more chances of getting a home.

We need to schedule more surgeries for more cats, some of them are already pregnant and need urgent spaying.

Each surgery is about $14. The SV group receives no help from the government at all.  Each ruble and dollar is raised by Volunteers.

Please help us raise funds for the much needed spay and neuter surgeries and give homeless animals hope of finding a forever home.

Each dollar counts! Please help today tomorrow might be too late.

Thank you!

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