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Rescued puppies

BAGIRA volunteers found 5 puppies in a plastic bag in the middle of a road on  February 28, 2016. They were a few days old.


4 boys and 1 girl.  Lisa, one of the volunteers, took 4 puppies (all of the boys) and the only girl was adopted right away.

The puppies were in great hands. Here are some pictures:

first day
2 months later

puppiess puppiesss puppiessss

All puppies  found their homes.

Puppies playing at their foster care


At home:
bublik malish puppiesssss shoki1

All that was possible thanks to the Volunteers at BAGIRA animal rescue and people who always support them.

Please be one of them by helping an animal in need!

Thank you!

Adoption Event #255

Sterlitamak Volunteers group has found homes for 8 previously homeless animals. 8 puppies and 2 kittens went to their forever homes on Sunday, March 15, 2015. 

All animals have sad stories and we hope now they will have only happy endings.

Sterlitamak Volunteers are mostly students who devoted their free time to save animals
Kitten with an adopter
This dog was found as a stray and has been fostered while Volunteers were looking for previous owners. Unfortunately, they were not found and the dog was adopted. (with a Volunteer)
Kitten with an adopter
going to her forever home
going to his forever home
going to his forever home
Potential adopters are here to see the animals

ac1 ac2 ac6 ac7 ac9 ac11 ac12 ac17

For 3 months of this year 2015 the group has already saved over 80 homeless animals. The work of the Volunteers is priceless and they have the biggest hearts! Either it is a litter of new born puppies whose mother was killed or a cat that was hit by a car and paralyzed – the Volunteers are there to help! Most of the Volunteers are middle and high school students who do not have cars (yes, it is a privilege) and who live miles away from each other but that does not stop them from picking up stray or injured animals all over the town and driving them (in public transportation sometimes) to the vet clinics or foster homes. They are doing it all year long in any weather.

Sterlitamak Volunteers solely depends on the donations from the public and people do help with whatever they can: food, toys, medications, old clothes, free rides, donations and words of encouragement.

Thank you all who help animals in need!



Sterlitamak Volunteers is an organization that exists and works directly off of the donations received from general public. All Volunteers and organizers of this group are working as unpaid volunteers and all proceeds go to cover the cost of medications, transportation, food and surgeries. 

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Adopted – Daisy, an injured dog

Daisy has been adopted!!!

It has been 2 weeks since Daisy is at her new place. She has an enclosure, a new cat-friend and a lot of farm animals around.

The new owners are happy with her and Daisy still “talks” funny.

Please see her story below:

Her story is the usual one – her previous owner did not want her any longer and she ended up on the street.  She was found on the side of a street in May dying (there is a post about her earlier). She could not move and stayed outside for a few days before a rescue group could find a foster care for her.

She was probably hit by a car, she had bone fracture and could not walk. Daisy got better thanks to her foster and treatment.  Look at the difference a kittle love does!







Daisy likes to talk, does not bark or squeal, just talks, you have to hear it! She is very obedient, she would never walk in front or pull you, Daisy waits until you let her go for a walk with you.

We are happy for Daisy!