Cat with a string (Graphic Images)

Today SV group found a stray cat in horrible condition.

The cat is in a lot of pain and has open wounds caused by string tightened arounds its body. The string is imbedded into the cat’s skin making it a gruesome scene. The odor coming from the wounds is unbearable which means the cat has been in this condition for a few days.

Please be advised that the images are graphic.

Deep wound in the armpit area. The sting is cutting into the flesh.e2





The cat is in pain whenever you touch the string. The vet visit is schedule for tomorrow morning to remove the string and stitch the wounds.

The cat seems to be clean and well fed, the cat has good weight and good coat.

SV group started a fundraise for this cat. Any amount will go a long way. More post will follow.

Please donate.

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