1 out of 5 puppies survived

This story happened just before Christmas 2014.

SV group received urgent plea for help about 3 survived puppies (there were 5 initially) on December 24th.  According to a good samaritan, the puppies were fostered by a family who could no longer take care of them and they got rid of them by abandoning puppies in the woods further away from the town without food, water and shelter in below zero temperatures.

b1 b2

As you can see the puppies were very malnourished and could barely stand on their own.  We do not know whether the “foster parents” (if they can be even called that) were feeding the puppies.

On December 24, 2014 the puppies were brought to one of the Volunteers homes.  All 3 puppies were shaking and lethargic, could not stand on their feet.  IV fluids were given right away.

b4 This puppy passed away
This puppy passed away

Half an hour after the puppies arrived 2 puppies passed away. The only survived puppy was in a critical condition.  After failed attempts to ask social media followers to help with  transportation to take the puppy to the vet clinic, the Volunteer who fostered the puppy took the crate with the dying puppy on a bus and brought her to the vet.

The volunteer carying the puppy to the clinic.
At the vet


The puppy turned out to be a girl. She was given necessary IV fluids and medications. The treatment continued at foster home.

Meanwhile the tiny bodies of 2 puppies who previously passed away had to be buried (the vet clinics do not provide cremation services). In order to properly burry the puppies SV group wrote a post on social media website asking for any volunteers to take them to the animal cremation center (located a few miles away from the town) or dig a grave for them. Nobody responded. The organizer of SV group and some of the Volunteers drove to the cremation center on New Year Eve. The weather was very brutal that day.


The box with dead puppies was left in front of the animal cremation center (the facility was closed that day)

The survived puppy is doing better now. She is a very smart and polite dog. She can walk around her crate and now goes outside to potty. When her foster mom at school, she is very quiet and uses a pee pad. She also started eating on her own and gained some weight.  She learned how to give a paw and she was named Lapa (which means “paw” in Russian).

Lapa and her foster mommy Angelina


Lapa is a shy puppy but we know that when she is all well and healthy we will find great parents for her and she will blossom into a playful and happy puppy as she should be.

This is a very sad story with a happy ending for 1 puppy out of 5! We wished we had saved them all but the help came too late.

Please make it your resolution for 2015 to help animals in need. If you see or hear about animal abuse, please report, stop the abuse and help the animal in need. WE ARE THEIR VOICES AND WE CAN SAVE THEM!

Sterlitamak Volunteers is an organization that exists and works directly off of the donations received from general public. All Volunteers and organizers of this group are working as unpaid volunteers and all proceeds go to cover the cost of medications, transportation, food and surgeries. 

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