SV group results for 2014


Sterlitamak Volunteers group has been working hard this past year and produces some great results:

882 animals found their forever homes, you can see pictures of all adopted animals here.

179 animals were spayed and neutered, please see pictures here.

For 1.5 years of the existence of SV group the volunteers had organized 240 adoption events, see pictures of all adoption events here.

Sterlitamak Volunteers is a group of regular people – volunteers from Sterlitamak, Russia. They joined their efforts to help street animals to bring them back to help and then find their forever homes.

All the help that this group receives is coming from regular people from donations (of money, food, medication, foster care, transportation and so on).  The leaders of the Volunteers are Tamara Mazitova, Svetlana Pankova, Nadezhda Bezrukova and Yuliya Dobrogorskaya. Most of the Volunteers are school kids who rescue, feed, foster animals in their free time from school.

All adoption events are held all year around outdoors in any type of weather. All adoptable animals were previously homeless and most of them had health issues. At the time of adoption all animals are healthy. The adoptions are free of charge with future assistance in spaying and neutering. Prior to adoption events most of the animals are being fostered by the volunteers. Some fosters have over 15 animals at a time in different health conditions.

The countless efforts of Volunteers are paying off when they see the pictures of their adopted animals in their forever homes. Unfortunately, we cannot help all of them, sometimes the help comes too late.  If you would like to help us, please make a donation via our paypal account. All donations are going to the animals of SV group.

Have a happy and healthy 2015! 

Thank you!

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