Happy Tails – Kittens in a dumpster

As we prepare for the New Year of 2015 we would like to thank everyone who likes and follows our blog and share a few happy stories.

Happy Tail:

On a cold night a woman was passing by a dumpster when she heard meowing sounds. She looked into the dumpster and found a plastic bag with 2 tiny kittens. They were very little.

These kittens were taken by SV volunteers to foster. They were not even a month old and had to be fed from a syringe.  Due to the unhappy start of their lives on the street the kittens got sick with different infections (fungal infection, diarrhea, herpes virus). After a long recovery and tedious work of the foster parents, the kittens became better.

The volunteers tried to find forever homes for both kittens but they were always passed on.

Two kittens found in a dumpster. This picture was taken a month later when they were healthy and ready for their forever homes

d2 d3

The foster family decided to adopt the pair after a few failed attempts to find a home for the kittens.  Now they are healthy and happy.  A boy and a girl grew into two big gorgeous cats!

Just look at them:

d4 d6 d5


SV group is happy for them and want to thank you all for sharing their story!



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