Foster Home of one of the Sterlitamak Volunteers

Sterlitamak is one of the cities in Russia.

A group of its citizens decided to join their efforts and volunteer to save, sterilize, cure, find homes for hundreds of stray animals roaming streets of the city.

One of such Volunteers is a woman named Florida.  She is currently fostering 13 kittens and 12 grown cats.

All of these kittens were taken from the street, some of them were born homeless.  For example, only this week one of the volunteers found a box with 6 black three-week old kittens abandoned near a school yard.  They were taken to Florida’s foster and she is bottle feeding them.

Mostly, all found animals are sick with parasites, viral deceases, sometimes they are wounded severely.  All of them have different stories and hopefully all will have a happy ending. At least this is what we all work for.

Medication, food, visits to vet and everything else is provided by the group’s funds. These funds are donations received from people.

When animals are healthy and of age, Volunteers take them to adoption events to find them a new home.  Also, SV group raises money for spaying and neutering.

Sterlitamak Volunteers do not have a designated shelter, so they try to find foster homes and forever homes right away. Unfortunately,  not many people are open to foster sick animals, so Volunteers have their apartments filled with 10 or more animals at a time!

Please look at the pictures of Florida’s foster care:




One of the 6 kittens found in a box










The Volunteers are regular people like you. Please join us and contribute to saving animals!

Please help us to save lives and donate at least $5. It will go a long way!

Thank you!

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