Graphic Content – Importance of spaying and neutering

Unfortunately,  this post shows a regular face of animal neglect in Russia.  SV (Sterlitamak) group rescued this kitten from a locked apartment building basement. This kitten has fallen out eyes, his nose was deformed and everything is full of puss.

SV group saved another kitten last week with congenital problems from the same situation. Huge numbers of homeless and abandoned animals fill towns and cities of Russia. They multiply and get sick, they get abused, beaten, run over, tortured, shot and killed.

SV group, like many other rescue groups that do not receive any government support, rescue as many as possible but this is never enough because every month they would bring a new litter of newborns.  One of the vet clinics agreed to help SV group to perform spaying and neutering surgeries at a reduced rate, but we need to raise money for that daily.

For example spaying/neutering of a cat will cost around $12 and $20 for a dog.

Please help us raise money for spay/neuter surgeries!



Kitten with congenital deffects of front legs, blind

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