Update – Adopted puppy named Lana

I have an update on the puppy I gave to my parents. My parents have agreed to adopt a puppy from SV group.

This puppy was homeless like millions of other animals in Russia. She was picked up and fostered by SV group volunteers but she needed a home. After a few failed adoption events where she was passed by, now she has a loving home with bunch of farm animals, big brother Rex, barn cat, chickens and geese.

The puppy has arrived to my parents last night. She is a very low energy dog with a very good personality. She loves being a lap dog and  loves eating Russian Pelmeni.

My parents already have an elderly dog named Rex. When the new puppy arrived Rex did not even notice. He gets along well with cats and puppies.

This is one life that was saved yesterday and I am very happy my parents are animal lovers and they support me!

Please support your local animal rescues and adopt from shelters!

Puppy being picked up by my cousin to be transported to my parents’ house, 35 miles away.
She is at my parents’ yard, just chilling.

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