Daisy, an injured dog

A dog (now named Daisy) was found on a side of the road. She could not stand up or move. For a few days she stayed on the same spot outside before the rescue group found foster for her.

A group of people helped, a couple who drove the poor pup to the vet,  a few people looked after Daisy while she was waiting for foster. They fed her and gave her water.

According to a vet Daisy has a bone fracture right underneath her tail. She has not defecated for a few days now. She has been prescribed vitamins and rest until the results of her blood work results come in.

The person who is fostering Daisy has a lot of foster pets and she needs our help with food, pee pads and medications.

Let’s help Daisy get better and find a good owner!

Please donate! No amount is too small!

Thank you!

Daisy on the side of the road
People fed her and gave her water for a few days before she was taken to the vet and then to her foster home
Vet bill 900 rubles = $26


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