Paralyzed cat

This is a homeless cat, she lives on the street in one of the apartment buildings in Sterlitamak, Russia.

Some kind people were feeding her for a while and she lived in the whole leading to a building basement. You can see in the picture that someone put a padding in the whole where she was.


The tenants said that the cat used to be able to sit, now she just lies on the floor and not moving her hind legs and tail.

The cat was taken to the vet by SV group who responded to multiple posts online about her. The vet said that she must have been hit by a car. Her hind legs are paralyzed by have sensitivity.  The accident probably happened sometime ago. The poor thing was urinating and defecating right underneath herself without being able to move which caused her multiple skin and unitary track ulcers.  You can see in the pictures below that her skin is damaged by urine.








Now she is at a foster care with an experienced group volunteer. She was given food and necessary medicine. Hopefully, she will get better soon. We will keep you posted.

This is the receipt for the purchased food 432 rubles = $12.60




Please pledge, each dollar counts.

Thank you!

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