Adoption Event #172 SV

Another adoption event happened today and 13  kittens out of 18 found their new owners.

Sterlitamak Volunteers take their fostered animals to public markets  and spend there at least 5 hours each weekend day to find homes for their homeless animals. Today the event was from 11 am to 4 pm and turnout was great!

10 volunteers were involved in this event.

SV group cannot take in all homeless animals due to the fact that all these people are just regular people and do not have a designated shelter building for their animals, all of them take cats and dogs to their apartments or homes, usually fostering 10 and more animals at a time.

The ones SV cannot take in, the group spreads the word about and asks people for help to take in some of the injured and/or homeless animals to save them from every day danger on the streets, such as abuse, cars, infectious deceases, poisoning and shooting (shooting of homeless animals is unfortunately a common practice in Russia, as well as poisoning). Also, the group daily checks on homeless pets, they cannot foster, feeding them, providing with medical treatment and constantly looking for foster families.  This is a selfless way of helping animals and SV group hopes that what they do every day can change people’s attitude towards homeless and neglected animals from cruelty to kindness.

All animals are adopted out free of charge, unless adopters make a voluntary gifts/donations.

Here are the pictures from the event.











Adoption events are tiring, very tiring:)



172 v

172 n

172 m

172 c

172 b

172 a


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