Adopted puppy named Lana

My parents live in the countryside nearby Steritamak (32 miles away). I have been looking and supporting the work of  APAC Shelter (Tolyatti) and SV group (Sterlitamak). Making a blog and a Facebook page for them and translating their posts and helping with fundraisers is the least I can do from afar.

So after I saw that many dogs, puppies, cats and kittens are being in constant danger living without owners, I have asked my mother to adopt one of the puppies from SV group. My parents currently have an old dog named Rex (also been adopted by my parents after they found him bleeding with open wounds, now all healed), and my 14-year old indoor cat named Ksyusha, a barn cat named Vasilisa and off course farm animals: 2 cows, 2 calfs, 4 sheep, geese, chicken and ducks.

So I convinced my mom to receive a “gift” from me in a form of a puppy to add to her farm.

The puppy is now about 4-5 months old. Her name will be “Lana”, she is the most quietest puppy one can ever meet. She likes to eat Russian ravioli (pelmeni) and sit on your lap.

SV group helped me with her spay surgery (I have paid for the surgery and a 10-day foster after the surgery).  She will be with my parents on June 16th (Monday).

Please see her pictures:

Lana at one of the adoption events (she thinks she is a lap dog). She was not adopted, she was waiting for me!



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