Update-Dog tied to a tree and left to die

The so called neighbors who  recognized Beta turned out to be her real owners!

Now they want to have their dog back. This will not happen because of what they have done to Beta. The leaders of APAC (Tolyatti) will be taking care of her and will be looking for responsible adopters when she is healthy.

The tests revealed that Beta has piroplasmosis (parasite caused by ticks), pyometra (uterine infection) and inflammation.

Now we need to help her with her healing process.

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Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Update-Dog tied to a tree and left to die”

  1. Why there is no practice in Russia to file a law suit in such incidents. I think, volunteers have to do that, especially if owners are known. This must be addressed!


    1. Hi Nat! Thank you for your comment!
      Yes, I agree with you that the volunteers should file a police report.
      I will be posting the updates on this situation.
      Unfortunately, these types of cases and complaints against animal cruelty do not get attention from the law-enforcement in Russia. The laws in regards to animals are very weak and police don’t want to deal with them and treat them very ironically.
      However, there was a case recently in Moscow, when a son stabbed a cat to death. The cat belonged to his mother and after their argument he killed the animal. The mother called the police and her son now facing 18 months in prison.
      I will be posting more about Beta’s case.


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