Kitten survived

A year ago “Sterlitamak Volunteers” got a call from people who witnessed how kids threw a kitten from 8th floor of an apartment building. When asked why they did it, the kids said that they wanted to see what would happen to it.

The small town where it happened did not have a veterinary services and the kitten was brought to Sterlitamak. It turned out that the kitten had multiple fractured bones in the jaw and his paws were broken. The synovial liquid from joints was dripping on the floor. The kitten could hardly breath because of the impact. His joins were swallowed, they because infected.

Timosha has not been able to recover fully. He still has pieces of fractured jaw bones floating in his skin of his mouth. It raptures his skin causing bleeding. The jaws are not aligned  properly causing the teeth to puncture through the mouth and lips.

But he survived! He loves people and grew up to be a very beautiful cat. Thanks to people like his rescuer, Timosha survived a horrible abuse! Please see the pictures below: warning GRAPHIC CONTENT!

Please see the video when he was found.


The synovial liquid from joints was dripping on the floor


Punctured and swallowed joint



Floating pieces of fractured bones from the jaw tear the skin causing bleeding
Timisha now, a year later




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