Update – Puppy run over by a truck

The puppy is currently in foster care, which is not free.

It is $10 per day. Puppy also needs good quality food and medications to help him heal after the surgery.

1. He needs Royal Canin Recovery – $4.30 per can
2. He needs the following medications:

  • Sulperazon,
  • Levomikol,
  • Dioxidine,
  • Cefuroxime,
  • Amikacin,
  • Chymotrypsin,
  • Actovegin,
  • Solcoseryl (ampoules),
  • Riboxinum,
  • Ciprofloxacin,
  • Glucose and sodium chloride 0.9% (in bottles).

Please help us bring this puppy back to health. We rely on your help and we apologize for not having more recent photos of the puppy (we are taking in a lot of injured animals right now).

Thank you!

Before the surgery
After the surgery

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