Puppy run over by a truck

Here is the story of a puppy run over by a truck:

This homeless puppy was found on the street with his front legs severed. Initial veterinary check up prognosis was not so great: both legs had to be amputated. APAC curators started spreading the word about this puppy immediately via social media to raise funds for surgery to save at least one of his legs. The surgery was scheduled for Friday, May 23 (today). APAC was able to raise $220 which will go towards the puppy’s surgery, medications and paid foster after the surgery.

Here are the pictures when the puppy was found (warning: GRAPHIC CONTENT):

One of Severed Paws


Another Paw

After the accident

At the vet

Before the surgery on May 23, 2014

This puppy will need intensive care after the surgery. The money that has already been raised ($220) will no be enough for rehabilitation and future expenses. Let us help and donate at least $5. It will go a long way in Russian currency. Please spare at least $5 to help this puppy.
I will provide future updates on the amount raised and puppy’s health.
Thank You!

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